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In The Beginning

Submitted by: - December 01, 2006


1041st Scout Dog Platoon

Over the past several months and after numerous phone calls and interviews, the following information was gathered on some of the history of the 1041st Scout Dog Platoon. The pictures displayed of the 1041st Scout Dog Platoon were provided by Michael Glines who helped make history as one of the first forty (40) handlers assigned to "Operation Top Dog" in 1965. This was the beginning of the introduction of Sentry Dogs in Vietnam. Distant perimeters were now protected by handlers and their dogs patrolling to insure no installation was penetrated by the enemy. Upon the completion of his first tour in Vietnam, Michael Glines volunteered once again to return to Vietnam. Michael again became a member of yet another Air Force first. He was assigned as a member of the 1041st Scout Dog Platoon and graduated in August 1966 from the extensive and intensive course. He then deployed to Vietnam and was stationed in Phu Cat as apart of "Operation Safe Side". Scout Dog patrols were used in many facets to include Ambush and Recon Patrols, OP (Observation Posts) and LP (Listening Posts), land mine and trip wire detection, food and weapon cache detection and sniper detection. The scout dogs were invaluable to the success of the patrols and contributed greatly to the mission of SafeSide as they deployed beyond the wire, taking the fight to the enemy.

Michael Glines, related that he and fellow handler Vance McCrumb upon arrival in Vietnam were using what he believed to be the old kennel area assigned to the French before Americans arrived in Vietnam. Michael and Vance broke new ground and established the presence of Sentry Dogs in the Security of Air Force Bases in Vietnam. This undertaking was truly one of the best decisions made during the Vietnam War, as no base was ever penetrated after the introduction of Sentry Dog teams.

When the mission of the 1041st was completed in Vietnam the dogs and handlers returned to Fairchild, Washington. It was here that Michael Glines completed his distinguished service and returned to civilian life. His original assigned Scout Dog Major was sent to Fort Campbell, Kentucky with ten (10) other dogs to be reassigned to a new handler for training. Of the original fourteen (14) dogs all but three were shipped to Fort Campbell. Dino, Prince and Teardrop completed their service after Vietnam. The remaining dogs were assigned new handlers and four of those dogs were assigned to the Scout Dog Instructors as demonstration or demo dogs. The remaining seven (7) dogs were assigned to former Sentry Dog handlers who had served in Vietnam.

All original members of the 1041st Scout Dog Platoon deployed to Vietnam with the exception of handlers Kelly and Parker who were tasked with other assignments. Retired SMSgt Al Linscott, who handled Rex in Vietnam and later became a Scout Dog instructor was also instrumental in providing clarification and assistance in the history of the 1041st Scout Dog Platoon.

Forty (40) years has went by since the original 1041st Scout Dog Platoon was formed in 1966.

The handlers and dogs were an Air Force first. Their dedication, spirit and loyalty to one another and the mission of Safe Side can be seen in the handlers of today. The pride of knowing some of these great dogs and handlers makes for a wonderful experience in sharing in the history of this valuable component of the 1041st.

Michael Clunis Safe Side Kennel Master

1041st Scout Dog Platoon graduation photograph August 1966 - Medina AFB, Texas

1st Row L/R A/2C Dewaters/Goldie - A/2C Kimbrell/Nipper - A/1C Partlow/Prince - A/2C Wenger/Muggs
A/2C Kelley/Tear Drop - A/1C Miller/Auggie - A/1C Linscott/Rex

2nd Row L/R A/2C Adamowicz/Dino - A/1C Parker/Scout - A/1C Edwards/Blitz - A/2C Glines/Major
A/2C Siegfried/Samantha - A/2C Lipscomb/Kurt - A/1C Powell/Saber


MSgt Cheatwood

SFC Ward
Asst. Instructor/Supervisor

TSgt Clark

TSgt Carmichael


Dog and handler crawling through barbwire obstacle course

A/2C Glines and Major, camoflaged dog crate

Dogs and handlers helicopter and rapeling indoctrination

1041st Scout Dog Platoon living quarters Medina

First aid training for injured or sick Scout

Expedient River Crossing

A/1C Powell and Saber swinging bridge obstacle

River Boat Patrol enemy ambush detection from the shore or beneath the surface of the water



1041st SPS (T) - Handler/Scout Dog

  • A/2C Adamowicz - Dino
  • A/2C Dewaters - Goldie
  • A/1C Edwards - Blitz
  • A/2C Glines - Major
  • A/2C Kelley - Tear Drop
  • A/2C Kimbrell - Nipper
  • A/1C Linscott - Rex
  • A/2C Lipscomb - Kurt
  • A/1C Miller - Auggie
  • A/1C Parker - Scout
  • A/1C Partlow - Prince
  • A/1C Powell - Saber
  • A/2C Siegfried - Samantha
  • A/2C Wenger - Muggs

821st CSPS - Handler/Scout Dog

  • SSgt Allen - Samantha
  • SSgt Baker - Karina
  • SSgt Chirico - Major
  • SSgt Smith - Scout
  • Sgt Clunis - Little Bear 874-M
  • A1C Culvert - Prince
  • Sgt Henson - Auggie
  • Sgt Lawhorn - Baron
  • Sgt Mayfield - Kurt
  • Sgt Morton - Blitz
  • Sgt Pearson - Lightning
  • Sgt Righto - Muggs
  • Sgt Roberts - Prince
  • Sgt Shear - Max
  • Sgt Steffler - Duke
  • Sgt Strough - Blackie
  • Sgt Sullivan - Jet
  • Sgt Thompson - Sam
  • Sgt Tomlinson - Jewel
  • Sgt Tulipana - Smokey
  • Sgt West - Major
  • A1C Wolfson - Nicky



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