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Safeside Reunion 2023 Is A "Go"

January 19, 2023

After cancellations due to COVID and mission requirements, the Safeside Reunion now has a firm date for the Reunion. It will be April 17-21, at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center, on West Hill Ave, Valdosta, GA.  The 17th and 21st are travel days.

Hotel reservations must be made by 1 March 2023, to get the Reunion rate.

There is a flyer, with all the infoand the Registration Form, posted on the Safeside Heritage Facebook Page. The info link is at the top left of the Heritage page. Click to open the info page. You can print off the info and registration pages by clicking on the printer icon, in the upper left part of the page.  I will post the file, here on the Safeside web page as soon as I can get it converted to the proper format.


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