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"Ranger Pride"

Submitted by: Kimberly Sue Bayes


Strong in spirit is the Safeside Ranger,
Bold and courageous in the face of danger.
Berets and shields were worn with pride,
Their oath to defend was bona fide.

Training and triumph at Scholfield en masse,
Some were trained in the Kentucky bluegrass.
They learned escape and evasion, ways to survive,
How to jump from an aircraft and remain alive.

They learned compass and map reading and how to scout,
Most essential they learned what life was about.
Not just the mechanics of crossing a stream,
But trusting yourself and having faith in your team.

Pull-ups before breakfast or they’d not eat,
Random push-ups on the asphalt street
‘Drop and give me ten’, a Sgt beckoned,
Ten they gave, and one for the 82nd.

Their skills were tested on foreign ground,
Life changing experiences, ever profound.
Missions took them beyond the wire,
Always at risk for enemy fire.

They are an ohana of special brothers,
United in friendship like no others.
Sharing the life-once-lived Safeside bond,
It will always be... Ranger….. Drive On!

Kimberly Sue Bayes



 Spring 2018


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