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Submitted by: John "Jerry" Campbell


Words by John "Jerry" Campbell

He's laid his arms aside now, his battles fought and won,
His armor's in retirement, his use for it is done.

No new wounds will bleed him, but aches and pains are there,
Just shades of by-gone battles, but painless days are rare.

There's time now for reflection on the horrors seen in war,
And greater time to dwell on some thoughts forgone before.

Missed holidays with family, the unkindest cut of all,
Missed fishing trips with comrades, because of duty's call.

His love of God and country now are foremost in his mind,
His thoughts of comrades - some are gone - are not left far behind.

Our hero rests - he's earned it - he's paid his dues you see,
He's earned repose - and even more - a place in history.



 Spring 2018


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