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"Election Day in Iraq"

Submitted by: Senior Airman Mike Fuller - July 01, 2005


Letter to the troops from Task Force commander: LtColonel Bargery

Airmen of TF 1041,

In this and previous weeks, you have been amazing. You were particularly exceptional today.

Throughout our brief American history, a small number of people have enjoyed the honor of standing strong for freedom. Today you stood bravely in harms way to allow all the people, men and women, young and old, of this foreign land to democratically elect their government; and the Iraqi people rewarded your efforts with a massive voter turn-out, far beyond the expectations of those who would say your sacrifice in this war is for naught. It is not.

Your actions demonstrate perhaps the noblest of all man’s inclinations – the fortitude to heed a higher calling and place a just cause above all else – above fear of futile effort, or scorn, or even death. Today is a truly historic day. Do not underestimate your part in it. Etch this day’s memories into your brain and burn its purpose into your soul, for you earned its glory. You are truly the heart and soul of what is best about your Air Force and America…each of you.

Tonight / This morning, as you pry the boots off your tired feet, as you wrench the body armor off your aching back, as you scrub the dirt and oil from your cracked hands, pause to think of the example you set today to the Iraqi people – its children, to America, and to the world. Think of all that may be possible, borne from your bravery, sacrifice, and effort. Think of it and know you have great reason to be proud of all you are doing here.

TF 1041…Know that this team, in this place, in this moment in time is no mistake. It is not luck or chance but the result of a pre-destined higher purpose. Today look your brothers and sisters in the eye and know that you are special. Briefly relish today, then lace up your boots, and continue your good fight… because that’s just what we do.

CHARLIE MIKE – “Continue the Mission”

Task Force commander: LtCol Bargery

Submitted by: Senior Airman Mike Fuller
823rd Security Forces Squadron



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